Rare Lasts Forever.

Shop our fabulous new arrival- Each one is thoughtfully inspired and presented by our GIA designers. Striliant designs and creates bespoke Jewelry to bring a truly unique piece to life. We have extensive experience in creating one of a kind Jewelry with superior quality and exceptional outlook.

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Inspired By Our Multi-Ethnic Life, We Create Fine Jewelry To Share Your Wonderful Tales

Natural Diamonds

Each and every one of our bonds is remarkable in its own way, infused with an eternal quality. Because of the rarity and authenticity of your connections, which will sustain your love and cherish nostalgic times right up to your last breath. At Striliant we exclusively deal from D to J in color, VVS1 to SI2 in purity, and sizes ranging from -2 to +14, including pointers from 0.18 to 5.00+ carats, are all available at Striliant Corp.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

To some extent, CVD Diamonds might be thought of as the natural diamonds’ long-lost twin. They’re physically identical in every way (color, texture, shine, atomic structure, etc.), but they’re also slightly more considerate of their surroundings and other people. With CVD diamond wafers, you may make a diamond in any size, color, or number you want. When it comes to diamonds, nobody beats our knowledge and experience. We deal from D to J in color, IF to SI2 in purity, and sizes ranging from +14, including pointers from 0.18 to 5.00+ carats.


Browse our fantastic new arrivals, all of which have been carefully curated by our designers. A piece of jewelry that is genuinely one-of-a-kind requires the design and craftsmanship skills of Striliant. We are well-versed in the art of making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces of the highest quality and most stunning appearance. Contact us to look at our stunning new designs of engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.